Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Morning After The Year Before

This past friday saw the launch of the Platform 3 exhibition I had decided to get involved with. Named 'The Morning After The Year Before', the exhibition held host to a variety of artists and performers, all exploring the themes of personal trauma and a reaction to said theme. Along with prints and sculpture, the exhibition played host to interactive art and a variety of shrot films, comedy, spoken word and performance pieces. 

Personally, I benefited from the exhibition in terms of some exposure and networking but mainly in terms of my own confidence. I didnt really get the chance to 'network' as such, friends came down to support the exhibition and calm my nerves so I spent my night with them as a pose to networking and meeting new creatives. I do feel a lot more confident in terms of exhibiting though, especially when thinking about showing work outside of the safety of uni. I would be quite interested in getting a few friends together and exploring the idea of setting up an exhibition in a local space/bar, but this is something to look into after christmas possibly. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Website Hosting Platforms

Domain 'leahroseillustration.com' - £16/yr
Customizable templates - specfic section for art and design
- Clean, straight lines and adaptive grid layouts

Cargo Collective:
Domain 'leahroseillustration.com' - $15/yr - £11.37/yr
Templates range from clean and direct layouts to more forward and dynamic
Greater flexibility on customization

Portfolio hosting website
Not priced by domain, comain would have too be 'leahroseillustration.carbonmade.com'
Start out package - $6/mo or $59/yr
Allows for 10 projects, 100 pieces, extended personalisation, priority support, project archiving, SD video, audio uploads

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Exhibition Opportunity with Platform 3

Event Brief 

'We're on the lookout for artists/performers/poets/creatives to get involved in our next project. It will be an evening exhibition, with an emphasis on communication and discussion. We are hoping to provide a friendly environment in which people can comfortably share creative and positive responses to personal experiences, both traumatic and/or formative, little or large. Artists can share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.

We want work that is a response to personal trauma or an event or experience that has shaped you. 

There will be opportunities for artists to discuss their work if they are comfortable, in an effort to promote a discursive and informal environment. We are hoping that through this both artists and audience can connect with others who have been through similar experiences as well as learning about those they have no previous knowledge of.

Artists must have availability at the end of November.'

After being in touch with Platform 3 after seeing their call-out for exhibitors online, I was sent over a full brief and more event details. I decided to get in touch as I had some pre-existing work that I had been developing that sounded like it would fit the brief well. I've emailed my print over to Emma, one of three that runs the collective and the design has been approved for the exhibition

I was looking over the event page earlier and noticed that it mentions the following:
'As per usual, we encourage no mobile phones. (this is an event about making real human connections away from social media)' 
This statement ties in with my COP project and after my one-to-one feedback session next week I will be emailing Platform 3 to find out more about how they merge creativity and human connection. 

In terms of the exhbition, I will be displaying a print of my work and also selling additional prints on the night. All proceeds from the night will be going to Teenage Cancer Trust. I am hoping to have business cards made by the time the exhibition rolls round which will further tie in with this module and will help with a bit of self-promotion. I'm really excited to be a part of this, it's the first time exhibiting work outside of uni and I'm hoping it'll help push my confidence up and allow me the opportunity to network. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

5 Websites

Tallulah Fontaine: 
- showing work is the main focus
- easy to navigate
- headers lead to different types of work eg. comissioned, personal etc
- clicking on images leads to short description and more images of project 

Manjit Thapp:
- sidebar lists all projects undertaken, easy to see client list and find specific projects 
- divided into sections, commissioned, personal and fashion 
- links to shop, contact page and instagram account - intergrated platforms 
- showing work is the main focus 

Peony Gent: 
- sidebar offers easy navigation 
-seperated into categories again so you can easily find your way through the website 
- clicking on prjects leads to more images and short descriptions of projects
- 'about page' contains contact info, links to social media accounts, and a catalogue of press features 

Harriet-Lee Merrion:
- clean, crisp appearance 
- easy to navigate, projects presented on landing page and filed under different categories eg. editorial, lifestyle, social - easy to find what you're looking for 
- header links to about page, contact page and shop 

Paul Davis: 
- interactive landing page
- different to typical website landing pages
- clicking on different shapes takes you to different sections of the practicioners work 
- sidebar lists different projects, easy to navigate 
- contact page lists different agents for different areas of the world 

Notes from research: 
- work should be the main focus, find a layout that emphasises the work 
- sidebars are handy for navigation, should be clear and concise, split into sections 
- contact and about pages should be kept short, nothing too lengthy
- white backgrounds seem to be popular 
- link to other social media sistes as long as it's relevant and up to date 

Notes from PP3 Seminar - 6/11/17

Representation of identity:
- Send letters - mailers, zines, badges, stickers, postcards
- Buisness cards - moo, print at uni
- Online presence - website, blog, tumblr - all link together - visually consistent
- Just turn up - visit people, ask questions

Web presence:
- Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Cargo
- Keep it simple
- 'Shop window' - show what you're good at - global - personality
- Consider -first impressions
- Communicate - buisness/hire me, personality, concise inofmation, fresh and refreshed, show off, get reccommended, tone of voice, show full range of practice
- Be yourself
- Be available
- Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram - concise - CV should not be on website

Task 3:
Look at yourself and your work
Talk to others, what do they think?
Own personal evaluation - does this match with what other people think?
Design a communication that conveys my identity and explains rationale

Task 3.1:
5 websites you think work
Blog about them

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mission Statement

The main aim of my practice is to communicate emotion and feeling to an audience. Wether this is done via subject matter, process or presentation is open to interpretation but I would like to be able to make someone F E E L something when they look at my work, make a connection between the illustration and their own human experience.

I believe my work holds an honesty too it, incorporated with a bold, graphic style that combines both digital and hand-drawn processes. I am disocvering the importance of colour palettes and how these can emphasise a specific feeling or emotion and make the message easier to convey to the viewer. This is a part of my practice that I have begun to explore in an attempt to be more hoenst with myself as a practicioner and less wary of how others may view my work.

This is a new way of working for me but one that I feel happy and content with, I'm excited to explore this part of my practice more.